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Mindy Aloff piece in The Nation

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Mindy Aloff has resurfaced in The Nation, with an instructive and lengthy piece on the Kirov in "Jewels." This article is unavailable online, but appears in the March 25 issue.

This pleases me for several reasons: it's nice to hear from Aloff, and it's also nice that The Nation is making some room for dance again -- the last item I recall was a piece on the Ailey company many moons ago, and I was seriously contemplating a letter to the editor to complain about it.

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Thank you, dirac! I'm very happy to learn that Mindy Aloff is writing for The Nation again. I remember some of her pieces -- especially one on Paul Taylor's "Roses" -- that I loved.

I hope you do write a letter to the editor, saying you're glad to see dance again in The Nation.

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I still have a marvelous story Mindy Aloff wrote for The Nation about the Kirov about a zillion years ago. So interesting about the dancers's backs. Thanks for the heads up about this piece. I think I will write a note to the Nation saying how glad I am to read the new one. Why don't you, too, gentle readers of this Kirov piece? Maybe the publication should hear from the readership.

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