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Off topic: Are the Londoners OK?

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I work in the Bloomsbury area of London which has been badly hit, the Tavistock Square bombing was just a couple of streets away.

Very few of my colleagues turned up as the transport system is completely down and people walking have been turned back by the police. I've spent my entire morning speaking to worried relatives of staff members anxious to know if their loved ones are safe.

At first we were told the explosions on the underground were caused by a power surge, but now it's clear it's a terroist attack.

The only sound outside is of sirens and helicoptors, the latter taking the injured to nearby University College Hospital. The usually near grid-locked London streets are eerily empty and without buses and tubes, every one is forced to walk, so huge numbers of peolpe are on the street.

Getting home may be a problem and I shall leave the office early as I may have a very, very long walk.

Thanks for thinking of us.

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Warmest hugs and prayers to all of you Londoners on our board...Jane, Alison, Lynette, Paul, et. al. Also, all of the London ballet writers/critics who I met at the recent Bournonville Festival - all of you are in my thoughts. I am so so saddened by what's happened.


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Not a Londoner, but a Brit abroad in Washington DC (wonderful city) and about to catch a BA flight home tonight (Thursday). I am wondering what it will be like when I get to Dulles anf then Heathrow and try to get home. A bit antsy about it all, and wishing I were home now! BUt we travel in hope, as they say, and the important thing is to keep going about our business in as normal a fashion as possible.

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My thoughts and support are with all the Londoners right now - and to all of us who live in large cities and travel on public transport, please keep your eyes peeled. Many attacks have been prevented or mitigated because of public awareness.

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