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A potentially very disappointing season: same Old cast of Pricipals: where are those "new" company members Acosta and Vishneva?  Where is Acosta when Apollo is given? 

Well, Acosta, for one, is scheduled for next year at the RB... I'm assuming that some of these are considered *guest* principal artists? Does ABT delineate?

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Some of the returning old ballets might make the "once see" list for those who haven't seen them. And a maybe re-look at Tharp.

Aren't most of these ballets considered 'important' (bad word, I know, but I can't think of anything better at the moment) - even if not masterpieces or even if not danced by the greatest of stars. It's actually a repertory based season and not a star-based season.

Thank you GWTW. Having second thoughts as I begin to remember Green Table and Dark Elegies. Maybe not a decade ago, but now they will have a resonnance with our times that will restore their power. So, if Carbo's wish to make this a season a showcase for ABT's younger people is fulfilled, we may get a real season after all. If.

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I think "Faun" belongs on young dancers, and although I like Julie Kent in many things I am having trouble seeing her in it, regardless of the photo at abt.org

Can we assume that the "Apollo" will be the full-length? Isn't that what ABT has in its repertory? :blink:

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the joffrey ballet/dance in america telecast has the following credits & cast:

The green table 1982. 57 min.

Telecast on the Great Performances: Dance in America series by WNET/13, New York on December 13, 1982. Producer: Judy Kinberg. Director: Emile Ardolino. Choreography and scenario: Kurt Jooss. Staged by Anna Markard. Music: F. A. Cohen. Costumes: Hein Heckroth. Masks: Hermann Markard. Performed by the Joffrey Ballet. Cast: Philip Jerry (Death), James Canfield (Standard bearer), Jerel Hilding (Old soldier), Mark Goldweber (Young soldier), Valmai Roberts (Mother), Beatriz Rodriguez (Woman), Carole Valleskey (Young girl), and Gary Chryst (Profiteer). Biographical profile of Kurt Jooss (last 15 min.) Written by Tobi Tobias, narrated by Michael Tolan, includes numerous still photographs and some film clips of other Jooss ballets, and brief excerpts from performances by the Tanzforum Cologne of Jooss' ballets The big city, Pavane on the death of an infanta, and A ball in old Vienna.

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There was a colorful insert in my recent ABT program for the upcoming City Center season and the photo on the cover is one of David Hallberg in 'Rodeo'. The costume he is wearing gave me cause for concern--he is in red-white-and blue. (sparkling white boots, blue pants with what looks like a series of 5 large hob-nails going down the side of the leg, and a flaming red shirt.....) It looks more suited to "Music Man'. The productions I have seen had rugged males in rugged clothing and the production had beautiful south-western colors---oh, for the days of Oliver Smith and Kermit Love.

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When Joffrey first did "The Green Table", I believe that Maximiliano Zomosa DID first do the role of Death. I grew up on the production from the 70's with Christian Holder, and have to admit he will be a hard act for anyone to follow (IMHO). The role needs someone with lots of weightiness, who appears well-grounded and planted to the earth, and who can hold the stage and the audiences eyes even when not moving. That seems to me to leave us with someone like Gomes or Acosta.

The role of the Profiteer was performed by Gary Chryst, who oiled his way around the floor. The part requires someone who can exude "evil". If we continue the concept of casting by similar body shape or size, I would look at a dancer who is much slighter than Death, who can slip through the cracks of society (and buildings). Malakhov might be a little too tall, but he has the right shape, and could probably carry off the role effectively.

Other suggestions?

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