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nbs, and nboc changes a coincidence?

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I think it is both sad and great that Kudelka is stepping down. He is a wonderful director, but Kain will do a great job.

It's kind of funny because the National ballet school is also going through some drastic changes. They are about to move into a brand new school. The famous studio AB will be the new cafeteria! People have mixed feelings about this transition as with the stepping down of Kudelka.

Did Kudelka plan his stepping down to be the same time as the school going through changes?

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I don't know if I would consider personnel changes and physical space changes comparably "drastic changes." I just dropped my daughter off for the summer session at NBS and the impression I got from one and all is that the anticipated move to new quarters is very much looked forward to. Doubtless, the old Studio A/B is an historic facility, but have you seen the floors in there? :P

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