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PM Counter: Software Glitch?

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Recently I got a notice that member X had sent me a message. I checked my inbox manually and found no message. I then used the link in the e-mail notification and got an error message. I pm'ed the poster, with whom I've had semi-regular correspondence, and asked if he'd had second thoughts and unsent the message. His reply via, today, was, no, he sent it as usual.

When I went into my mailbox to retrieve today's (second) message, the top of the page said I had 1 New Message. After I read it, it read -1 New Messages, instead of the usual 0. I'm perplexed. Has the software changed?

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There hasn't been a change to the software or an upgrade.

Is anyone else seeing the same behavior? If you have, please reply, and maybe we can get to the bottom of this. I know I've had what seemed like strange behavior with PMs when I've had multiple browser sessions open.

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A short while ago, I sent member Y a pm and started cleaning out my mailbox. She replied. After I opened her pm, I noticed my counter reset to 0.

It may have had something to do with the housekeeping, but I suspect that just opening a new message set it right.

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