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Another Anna Karenina

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There've been numerous posts about the touring Anna Karenina of the Eifman Company. Recently I saw a snippet of what was described as the Ball Scene from Act I of "Anna Karenina" by Maya Plisetskya. This was a 1974 filming, with Plissentskya, Alexander Gudunov (as Vronsky), and "Artists of the Bolshoi."

While not very original -- or demanding on the dancers (lots of beautifuly arabesques in attitude, and LOTS of graceful port de bras) it was quite a lovely depiction about how the two meet and fall in love. (The less said the better about the cross-cutting to Anna's sad face, heavily pancaked, staring out the frost-covered window of a railraod car, presumably after Vronsky has left her.)

I know that the aging Plisetskaya worked with Bejart during the 1970s but had never heard of this, which appears to have been (I think) her own choreography.

Has anyone seen this or have any thoughts or information about it or this stage of Plisetskaya's career generally?

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I have a terrible memory about specifics in things that I read, so I can't help you with specifics about this piece that you are asking about....However,

I seem to recall that when I read MP's autobiography, "I, Maya Pleisetskaya" that she referred to this choreography in the book. I don't have a copy of the book, I had to check it out of the library when I read it about a year ago.

So, maybe you can find yourself a copy of the book; I believe it is still in print.

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