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Semi-Annual Board Clean-up

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We usually have a semi-annual board clean-up, in which we remove accounts with no posts and those who have had no activity over the last two and half years. We missed the last one, so this is going to be a bigger effort.

We'll begin the clean-up on the 16th July 2005.

If you have an account with no posts, or no posts since 31 December 2002, and you want to keep your account active, please reply to this post with a short request ("Please keep", for example) or send an email to "ballettalk@hotmail.com" with your board name by 15 July 2005.

I should add: We won't delete accounts deliberately for posters who've signed up in the last few months, but this is a manual process, and we could make an error. This is a perfect opportunity to post a message in our "Welcome Forum," by clicking "New Topic" in the top right of the page, and telling us a little about your interest in ballet.


This will set your post count to "1," which means we will skip you in the clean-up.

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Today is the deadline for telling us that, if you have never posted -- i.e., post count=0 -- you want us to keep your account.

We have five donors -- two PayPal donors and three check donors -- who we can't match to a board name. We don't want to delete your account inadvertently if you haven't posted.

(We sent acknowledgements to PayPal donors at the address on the PayPal account, unless we received "undeliverable" notices and sent a follow-up to address registered to the board. For check donors, we sent PM's or an email to the email address registered with Ballet Talk or Ballet Talk for Dancers.)

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