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New Bar to Become a Member


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When a "New Member" reaches "Member" status, s/he has ability to PM and send email from the board, use Member Search, and View New Posts. We've lowered the number of posts that "promotes" New Members to Members; it is now 10. For New Members with <=9 posts, this will change automatically when your substantial post count=10.

The board software does not make retroactive changes. I've updated the profiles of current "New Members" who have 10+posts and who have had board activity since 1 January 2005. If you feel that you qualify and I've missed you, please send an email to "ballettalk@hotmail.com" and include your username.

If you've been upgraded, you'll be allowed to use the Members search at the top right hand side of the site. To check to see if a change has been made to your account, select the first initial of your board name from the drop-down box in the upper right of the Search page, or fill in your board name in the input box in the bottom left and press "enter." Or, if you find a link to your name, you can click that. Under your name and board "title," you should see "Member Group: Member."

A PM mailbox supports 50 emails, including those saved to "Sent Items." Once full, you will no longer be able to receive or send PMs. Since one of the reasons we've activated the PM feature is to be able to reach you if needed, you are responsible for keeping enough space in your PM box for us to PM you on board business.

Depending on whether you have a pop-up blocker or your pop-up blocker settings, you may receive a notification at the top of the screen whenever you have an unread PM. The PM "New Messages" count should always be visible in the upper right hand part of the screen. Please check unread PMs in a timely manner.

We know the vast majority of Members will act with common sense and good faith, but, unfortunately, we need to be clear: PM, board email, and Member Search may not be used for mass mailings or to harass members, to solicit, or to recruit members to another board. We reserve the right to retract these privileges if abused, up to an outright ban.

If you are being bothered or harassed through PM or board email, or you feel you've been sent inappropriate content or suggestions, please PM a Moderator or me.

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I was very pleased to read of the change. I faithfully read this forum every day but I despaired of every getting to 30 posts. Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to actually see much ballet live nor do I have the knowlege of most members of this board but I am a long time supporter and fan. :P

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