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Royal Opera House video installation --

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The Royal Opera House installs recording equipment for DVD purposes.

This link raises issues for the future of ballet performance videos. Paris Opera Ballet also seems to be upping its onstage videos. :)

What do you all think of this development? Any similar projects planned for American theaters/companies?

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I'm not sure I understand it completely, or I can't believe my eyes. Does it mean that selected, or EVERY, performance will be recorded? All of them suitable for DVD's, or ALL of them ON DVD's? Some, or ALL, available to the public on DVD? If so, "be still my heart". I'm sure there are drawbacks, but as a ballet-starved ballet fan I can't see a single one at the moment. Think of it: Cope is close to retirement and the chances of seeing his famous partnership with Rojo in Mayerling are slipping, but with this access we can see it if it's performed!


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I guess the key phrase is "so that a entire productions could be preserved."

The idea of simultaneous relay to large screens around the country sounds quite exciting. Rather like some boxing events here. Think of marketing possibilities for ABT or NYCB, for instance, so that ballet fans arond the country wouldn't have to wait another 4 or 5 years to have "national" telecast of a major ballet performance. University theaters would be a great location for the relays.

Right now the ballet audience in the States seems incredibly fragmented. Just read the Ballet Talk posts. Few have the opportunity to see more than local companies or tours. Each AUDIENCE operates more or less in isolation, even if key professionals and the most die-hard fans are able to move around a bit. This could be a way of linking ballet audiences and creating more of a national constituency for the art.

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