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Slated for either August or September:

SPARTACUS - Irek Mukhamedov, Lyudmilla Semenyaka, Aleksandr Vetrov, Maria Bilova; Algis Zhuraitis, Bolshoi Ballet 1990 (ArtHaus)

SLEEPING BEAUTY - Nina Semizorova, Aleksei Fadeyechev, Nina Speranskaya; Aleksandr Kopilov, Bolshoi Ballet (ArtHaus)


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I was just about to buy the -79 version of spartacus, could this arthouse release be a better alternative? Being a "midprice" dvd makes me suspicious.

And there is also a spartacus dvd from the Australian ballet.

Please help me make the best choice.

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Being a "midprice" dvd makes me suspicious.

ArtHaus has DVD budget line called "Phi", which includes several Glyndebourne operas and Bolshoi ballets (Ivan the Terrible, Spartacus, Swan Lake, Raymonda, Romeo and Juliet, and likely a few others yet to be released). These are no-frills DVDs, e.g., only a one audio soundtrack, no bonus features, etc.

I'm happy to see these released and at a bargain price to boot.

The ArtHaus website: http://www.arthaus-musik.de


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I go with the Mukhamedov Spartacus, not only for the dancing but also for the very clean production values and non-distracting camera work.  Delighted it will be available on DVD soon.

I did, and I am very happy to say that I was not disappointed.

The picture quality was ok, and also on a 40" screen it was acceptable.

I would recommend this DVD, and I belive it was a great perfomance of "Spartacus", and who needs bonus features and 5.1 audio, when the dancing is excellent.

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