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Sleeping Beauty 6-24-05

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Sleeping Beauty

Bolshoi 6/24/05

Aurora Anna Antonicheva

Prince Desire Nikolai Tsiskaridze

Lilac Fairy Maria Allash

Carabosse Gennadiy Yanin

Princess Florine Nina Kaptsova

Bluebird Vyatcheslav Lopatin


Tenderness Nelli Kobakhidze

Light-Heartedness Victoria Osipova

Generosity Anna Rebetskaya

Playfulness Daria Gurevich

Courage Elena Andrienko


Diamond Anastasia Yatsenko

Sapphire Irina Semirechenskaya

Gold Olga Stebletsova

Silver Alesya Boyko

After I left the performance of Sleeping Beauty (6-24-05) I thought, “What a sunny production!”. Then I had to figure out what I meant. My thoughts on this is that

it was 'sunny' because the performances of the leading parts

cohered into visual tableaus that told the story effectively.

Maria Allash as the Lilac Fairy embodied all the best human qualities as a fairy-tale being. She presided over the birth ceremonies with assurance and calm, expressed through her clean, focused style of moving. The variations of the Fairies seemed to me all outstanding. I can't single out one or two as better than any of the others. All deserve praise.

In the coming-of-age party, Anna Antonicheva, as the sixteen year-old Aurora, used only the pure, unforced technical brilliance of her dancing to indicate the exuberance of a teenager at her birthday celebration.

Gennadiy Yanin, as Carabosse- who embodies all the worse human qualities as an evil fairy, gave a fine, nuanced performance. I haven't enjoyed a Carabosse as much as

when I lucked out last year when I saw the debut of Nikolay Tsiskaridze in the part.

The concentrated menace and the lack of flamboyance in Yanin's interpretation

gave it real theatrical power. I found his departure to the netherworld by descent through a trapdoor particularly effective.

The appearance of Nikolay Tsiskaridze as the Prince in the hunting scene, I think, set the

tone for the whole performance and made it a 'sunny' production. As he entered the stage he greeted the various personages on it, and was particularly courteous and solicitous to the lady he escorted. Then he did something I have never seen (or perhaps never noted) before. He walked, from downstage right to downstage left, acknowledging and greeting the audience in a charismatic gesture of inclusion. I found it a very effective and brilliant touch. He was like a good host.

The wedding celebrations gave us the sparkling Diamond Fairy of Anastasia Yatsenko, and the brilliant trio of Semirechenskaya, Stebletsova and Boyko, brilliant both in the controlled grand jetes and the fast-as-light variation. Nina Kaptsova as Princess Florine, with her delicate line and her clean pirouettes complemented the Bluebird of buoyant Vyatcheslav Lopatin.

The Grand Pas de Deux showed Tsiskaridze as an attentive partner and Antonicheva as an elegant bride.

The Apotheosis ended a really joyous evening.

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