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Belarussian Ballet

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These are lovely photos, Medora! Certainly don't look like the work of a beginner!

I think our readers would be very grateful if you could identify the ballets and transcribe the dancers' names into the Latin alphabet. I know I would!

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Singing Medora, is there an opera company at the Minsk opera house, or the former opera house? What operas do they perform? How terrible that you are currently without a theatre, but don't lose hope! No matter how terrible things are something always turns up. I am an opera student and I have always wanted to visit Eastern Europe and Russia. Financial situation seems difficult there, but there are beautiful cities and talented artists.

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2 Canary

I'm so glad you're interested in Belarussian Opera! :flowers: Of cource? there is such a company! When a child I was singing in a musical studio within this company? we performed a lot of plays for children and that was really cool! The feeling of being on the stage of the most famous theatre in the country! That's even difficult to express! there we took up singing professionally and I even took classes for a year from a very-very respectable teacher of our Conservatoire, so to say one of the founders of our singing school. You see, belarussain opera shcool is young - it started at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as ballet school, but Conservatoire appeared earlier than ballet college, so our singers started to get professional education earlier. Now we've got a lot of talented singers? our opera is very popular in Germany and Switzerland. They tour there every year and participate in different festivals. well, it's a bit out of topic i guess. So if you've got some more questions you can e-mail me singing_medora@yahoo.com and ask everything you want! I will answer eagerly!

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Wow--I love the photos.

I have been to the opera house in Minsk once or twice, on a visit to Belarus in 1994. I don't know what we saw--it was the week of December 10 or 15 or so, bu it was _not_ Nutcracker.

We also went to the circus. I have photos from the circus but not from the ballet.

I would very much like to go back sometime, but alas it is hard to visit either as a tourist or for work. :-(

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