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Annual Fundraiser

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It's time for our annual joint fundraiser, where we ask for your help to support the cost of running Ballet Talk and Ballet Talk for Dancers for the upcoming year. Our goal is to raise $1,000 for both boards, and we will remove these announcements when we've crossed the goal threshold.

There are two options to donate: through PayPal and via check. If you'd like to donate through PayPal and don't have an account, there is a sign-up option on the payments page. Personal accounts are free and allow you to pay by credit card or checking account. (Checking account takes several days to verify.)

Edited to delete link and add: FUNDRAISER FOR 2005-6 CLOSED -- we have reached our goal!

We are very serious when we say that any amount helps, and we are grateful for all support.


How does the joint fundraiser work?

Announcements for the fundraiser are posted her and on Ballet Talk for Dancers. As soon as we cross our targeted goal, we will remove the announcements. In the past we've found that donations from members of each board match the costs for that board proportionally.

What if I post to both boards?

You may donate by clicking the link to ballettalk.com from an announcement on either board.

What sites will this take me to?

The link in this annoucement is to the ballettalk.com site, which redirects posters to our hosted boards. If you click the "PayPal Donate" button, you will be directed to a customized "Checkout" page on the PayPal site (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr)

How do I fill in the form on the PayPal site

If you already have an account, it's a very easy process: fill in the amount, login, change the shipping option, and click "Pay."

    The first step is to fill in the amount in the Amount input box in the top of the form.
    If you already have an account, fill in the log-in information at the bottom of the page and click "Continue."
    If you need to sign up for a PayPal account, click the "Click Here" button in the middle of the page, and follow the sign-up process instructions. You should be sent to the "Make Your Payment" page at the end of the process, but if it doesn't appear, you can start from the "PayPal Donate" button on the ballettalk.com site, fill in the Amount, and log-in.
    If you've logged in, you'll go directly to the "Make Your Payment" page.
    From the "Make Your Payment" page, under "Shipping Options," you can select "No Shipping Address Required" and click the Pay button.

What does "Finance_BT_BT4D" mean?

This is an email address to which all of the invoices for the board are sent and all finances are managed.

Is my donation tax-deductable

Ballet Talk and Ballet Talk for Dancers are not non-profit, charitable organizations, and donations to the sites are not itemizable. However, dance professionals may be able to deduct donations as a business expense.

Where does the money go?

The fundraiser proceeds pay for the monthly board fees, including bandwidth and hosting support; email service; technical modifications; and version updates.

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH to those who've responded, and for those who have not (which is most of you :smilie_mondieu: ) just a quick reminder -- this fundraiser is what pays the bills. People have been very responsive my please for help in the past two years, and I hope you'll continue to be so. Ballet Talk doesn't charge admission, and hopes never to have to do that, but there are fees for keeping this board in operation that need to be paid if it is to continue.

Thanking you in advance :beg:,


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