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Angel Corella and Gillian Murphy in Kevin McKenzie's restaging. recorded in HDat the Kennedy Center, which means the DVD ought to be beauteous. Although this passage scares me :

the production has been revised by Kevin McKenzie especially for television, allowing him to realize ideas he could not accomplish within the confines of the theater. "In staging the production originally, I had in mind to take the audience from the climactic conclusion at the end of Act 3, when the deception is revealed, directly to the storm in Act 4 with as little interruption as we could manage. But it soon became clear that was impossible, given the huge scenery that had to be moved, so I had to create a scene, as have many choreographers before me, to disguise the set change. On videotape, this can be accomplished much more easily, so I will actually see my original idea for the first time on television.

check your local PBS listings or check the pbs website. you can also sign up for an email reminder if you are like me and tend to lose track of things.




(go spurs!)

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