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The Dream

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We saw The Dream, Three Songs--Two Voices, and Symphony In C.

Leanne Benjamin and Edward Watson were the leads with Ciacomo Ciriaci as Puck. The music is wonderful and the dancing was very good. Again, I liked all the dancers very much.

Three Songs is another matter.<s> The music is awful. The man sitting next to me called the music "Midsummer Nightmare"! The dancing was fantastic. Tamara Rojo, Zenaida Yanowsky, and Deirdre Chapman were all excellent. I especially liked Chapman.

I am not familar with Hendrix's music. Various people have told me that it is more Nigel Kennedy than Hendrix. True?

Sylvia, on 18 May wrote a full report of this new Bruce ballet.

Symphony In C is my favourite Balanchine ballet. The last time I saw it with the Royal Ballet I was sorely disappointed. But not last night! Again the music is glorious and the dancers were so intuned with the music. Balanchine so likes to use the dancer to emphasise the beat in the music. There was nothing about this performance not to like.

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