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Books for summer reading

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A piece by Katherine A. Powers for the Boston Globe with a list of off-the-beaten-track titles for summer reading. I can second the recommendations for the O’Brien, Fraser, Burgess, and Ackerley books. The Inman diaries were a little too strange for this reader:

They are not quite cult books, but curious works of genius, gems lost in the sand that have been stumbled upon and treasured, stockpiled and disseminated, by their ardent admirers over the years.


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Hey, I'm still getting over the exhausting plethora of deceptively non-descriptive adjectives and mind-boggling, superfluously profuse (isn't that remarkably redundant?) verbs the quite possibly inimitable Ms. Powers has used in her not-too-lengthy yet loquacious reviews. :rolleyes: :)

(And I agree about Inman - too perverse for my taste).

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