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" La Fille Mal Gardee" ( O.Kutceruk - R.Mikhalev)

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On the 22 of May, in the Maly ( Mussorgsky ) Theatre of Opera and Ballet in St. Petersburg, was represented a really pleasant reconstruction of " La Fille Mal Gardee ".

This version by Oleg Vinogradov, was created in 1971 for this theatre and was a really big success ( first brillant main interpreters : Galina Pokrishkina and Nikita Dolgushin). The very difficult and acrobatic Vinogradov's choreography, was really impressive especially for the audience of that time. Even now, it is very difficult to imagine any artist to dance this so difficult version.

This ballet was mantained in the Maly Theatre's repertory till about 1983-84 and was always a huge proof for many "Principals". We remember, at this purpose, very strong couples like Alla Malisheva - Piotr Rusanov or Ludmilla Filina - Alexader Evdokimov. Really amazing and funny was also Nikolai Boyartcikov ( now artistic director of the Maly's Ballet ) as " Lisa's mother " and Gherman Zhamuel as the stupid " Alain".

In 1994 Vinogradov staged his " Fille" for the Mariinsky Ballet Theatre and he chose a really wonderful cast of "Principals" for different performances : Margarita Kullik - Vladimir Kim and Irina Badaeva - Fethon Miozzi.

These two pairs were really unfogettables ! Each one in different manner. All the other Mariinsky's artists who danced this version later ( Larissa Lezhnina, Irina Shapciz, Serghei Vikharev, Stanislav Belaevsky etc. ), couldn't give the same sensations.

Kullik - Kim, were, as usual, brillant and light with a very brillant actor's play.

Badaeva - Miozzi were more shiny, joyful and " in love ".

We remember that even many people of the audience were divided in " Kulikov" and " Badaiviki" to underline the different fans of these two pairs. This event recalled Taglioni's and Essler's time !

Obviously, after the " Vinogradov's fall " in the Mariinsky Theatre, this ballet, one of the most beloved by the audience, was sweeped away to give place to a multitude of useless and boring ballets that sometimes are even a huge shame, like the last " Magic Nut ".


Very original and nice the scenes of this act who recall the ceramics " GZHEL". Unfortunately the costumes of "Lisa" and " Colin" were not on the same tones so they were not "in theme" and quite irritating ( red costumes, blue scenes !!!).

The corps de ballet was quite clean even if with some insecurity on the scene of the "hayloft".

Not really convincing M. Padosionov as " Lisa's mother". His actor play is too formal and often incomprehensible. Maybe it is difficult for us to accept this kind of artists after brillant interpreters of this role like Boyartcikov or Ghennadi Babanin at the Mariinsky.

Very good the "Alain" of D.Tolmaciov. He was enough "stupid" and funny as this role has to be.

Oksana Kutceruk and Roman Mikhalev in the main roles were not bad but not very convincing in their pantomime. It seemed they didn't feel really at ease on the Vinogradov's choreography. The most of their variations or duet, were not very accurated.


Not really successful the rose scenes and quite all the rose costumes of this act.Sometimes was even difficult to distinguish some soloists from the corps.

The corps de ballet was accurated except of the children of the Vaganova Ballet Academy who seemed to be not very ready. This was really strange !

Very good in this act " Alain" ( Tolmaciov) and "Lisa's mother"( Podosionov) in their variations.

Absolutely wonderful I.Filimonov, D.Salimbaev, A.Kuzhnetzov and N. Arhiaev in the beautiful acrobatic-dance of "sabot" !

Kutceruk and Mikhalev were good in their last "pas-de-deux" and they brought this act to the end with big dignity.

Big success at the end of the performance ! The audience has missed "new" good ballet performances. It seems is much more interesting to attend more often the Maly Theatre than the new stupid ballet productions of the Mariinsky.

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