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Romeo & Juliet Casting

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Unfortunately, I did not. I was told it was a beautiful production and lovely performances from couples Ochoa with Ady and Julie Diana with Hench dancing the title roles.

One fun note! After Saturday's performance, Zach Hench proposed to Julie on stage in costume with the entire cast present! She said Yes , ofcourse! I was told it was a most romantic moment........

Also, a wonderful tribute to principle dancer David Krensing as he retired on Sunday after many years with the company. His presence will be missed. This year he took on many character roles that I will remember always - the husband in "The Concert" and Widow Simone in "La Fille"

And Pugbee, Francis Veyette will be returning to PAB next season!

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Wow -- an onstage proposal!!! I can't think of anything more romantic.... Thanks for the report, socalgal! I look forward to reading your reviews on next season, too!

Three cheers to David Krensing, one of the most versatile dancers -- and nicest people -- I have ever known! He certainly will be missed.

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I was in town apartment hunting (what a nightmare) and I saw the Friday evening performance, with Ochoa and Ady in the leads. They made a beautiful couple, such youthful faces! Ochoa endeared us to her playful, smart Juliet. You could really feel her grow and mature through the performance. Ady felt like a real Romeo, young and feverish, but robust.

The supporting cast shined, particularly Mercutio (I can't remember who danced this role!) and Meredith Rainey as Tybalt. His death scene was powerful, and when Lady Capulet (Tara Keating) straddled his dead body, you could feel the audience gasp in horror.

I was very impressed with the caliber of the dancing and the tightness of the production. Even though the music felt slow at times, the action never did. Go PAB! I can't wait 'til next fall!

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I was fortunate enough to be in Philly for the R & J performances. I was so taken back by PABallet performances that I actually went three times (seeing both casts). In my opinion and in my over 40years of going to the ballet, Zach and Julie's rendition of Romeo and Juliet was one of if not the best pas performances that I have ever seen. I could not hold the tears back. Unfortunately, I was not at the performance when Zach proposed to Julie, but I can only imagine how touching this must have been.

All in all every dancer in both casts did a fabulous job. Other roles that stood out in my mind were Amy Aldridge as the Lady Capulet and Gabrielle Yudenich at the Nurse. They both did a wonderful job portraying these roles in a very believable manner.

Once again, a wonderful job by the entire PABallet company. I have to say this is certainly one of the finest companies in America today and I for one look forward to seeing many more of their performances. :wub:

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Yes, I did see both couples perform. I would have to say both couples did a fantastic job but Zach and Julie went over and above....they were exceptional and like I said in my previous post if not the best then certainly one of the best pas performances I have ever seen in my many years of going to the ballet. The chemistry between the two can not be described properly in words, you had to see it for yourself......... :)

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I was lucky enough to see 4 performances of Romeo and Juliet. The Cranko choreography was new to me and it took some getting used to. The carnival scene seemed out of place, but was interesting to watch. I saw both casts of principals and was utterly blown away with Julie diana's portrayal of Juliet. I have been a fan of hers in San Francisco where she did not do any leads in story ballets the 2 years that I watched the SFB perform. SFB missed an opportunity. Diana's acting is superb. I saw her in La Fille earlier this year and now as Juliet. She is totally believable as a young innocent Juliet. Since she and Zach Hench are a couple, the love scenes probably didn't require much acting, but it was a very romantic , powerful performance. Diana , as usual, was technically beautiful also.

Of course, the most exciting performance was the Saturday matinee when during the principal bows immediately after the curtain, Zach got on one knee and proposed to Julie. The look of astonishment on her face was priceless. Half of the audience thought that it was part of the show, confusing, but part of the show. The other half of us knew that it was the real thing and were on our feet cheering as she said yes and they embraced and kissed on stage. The other half of the audience figured it out and joined in the excited applause. Even during the final bows with everyone, Julie continued to look at Zach in astonishment and then at her ring finger with the new sparkling diamond on it. What fun.

I also really enjoyed Phil Colucci as Mercutio. Both David Krensig and Meredith Rainey were powerful Tybaults.

The balcony scene pas was not as beautiful as the McMillan pas. But I really liked the bedroom pas de deux in this choreography. I also enjoyed the Lilies in the 3rd act. All in all it was a wonderful ballet weekend which I will long remember.

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