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Sylvie Guillem - Video about her in the 80's

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There was a video about Sylvie Guillem  back in the 80's I believe. I have some clips from it, but would like to know it's name and also if it's still available! Thank you!

Hi, I think there may be 2 documentaries (at least that i know of) of Sylvie Guillem. The versions that i have seen that are available have both been from Japan (one of which i have, the other i do not).

SYLVIE GUILLEM http://www.fairynet.co.jp/www/on-shop/html/av/PL-130555.html

i have this one. it is very good, but has non-removable japanese subtitles, though spoken language is englihs. has white swan, black swan, don Q variations as well as bits of modern pieces and interview with her, british ballet authorities/writers.

GUILLEM http://www.fairynet.co.jp/www/on-shop/html/av/TD-220265.html

this one i don't have and apparently it is out of print (unverified)

There are also



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EvilNinjaX: how did you get your hands on that video?

Did you order from Fairy?And if so, did they mail it to your US address?

Oh, and at my school's library, we have another video called Sylvie Guillem at Work, if anyone is interested. It is Quite good and there is a wonderful extract of Sylvie doing Raymonda Act III. Don't know were to buy it though. Perhaps it is the same as EvilninjaX first recommendation, but the title and the cover does not look the same.

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Before anyone rushes out to buy these DVDs/videos, they should remember that they will probably not be playable on U.S. machines. Unless the DVD is specifically coded "All Regions," you will need a DVD player that can play Japanese DVDs. A multiregion DVD player with an NTSC/PAL adapter will be able to play a DVD coded for Japan. With videocassettes, the situation is even less flexible, so unless you have both a PAL VCR and TV (or get the tape professionally converted to NTSC), you're out of luck. :clapping:

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Sylvie Guillem's MARGUERITE ET ARMAND and EVIDENTIA are both available on ebay right now, but they are playable only in region 2 (Europe, Japan, etc., but not the U.S. or Canada). Maybe some British members of BA are interested. If you enter "Sylvie Guillem" in the basic search field, these two auctions will come up (same seller).

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I don't know if it is still available but there is also a video of her dancing Cinderella for POB. I don't care for the altered storyline much, but her dancing, as always, is amazing.

I saw a clip on Bravo once (it was the end and I couldn't get the tape in fast enough) of her dancing in a cathedral performing an incredible pas de deux where she barely touched the floor. Does anyone know what that was?

My dream is to some day get to see her perform Sissy, but it is very unlikely to happen.

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ToThePoint, I think you may be referring to a South Bank Show (British) that was shown on Bravo a number of years ago. Maybe there's an archive of South Bank Show productions, which would be an exceptional resource.

(Yes, Bravo once did broadcast a lot of serious arts material in the days before it discovered that greater profit could be made with network reruns, life-style makeovers with lots of product placement, and other examples of the "high end" of popular culture.)

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I don't know if it is still available but there is also a video of her dancing Cinderella for POB. I don't care for the altered storyline much, but her dancing, as always, is amazing.

Awww...I love the video of this. Sure the plot is altered, more reset than anything else, but most Cinderella versions derivate from the Perrault and slightly later Grimm version somewhat anyway.

I just find Guillem and Jude magical in this video.

Not to get off on a tangent but although there are a number of Cinderella treatments I dislike, I can't stand Rossini's opera.


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Giannina, unfortunately, they're both coded region 2 (or whatever the Asian region is), but they are in NTSC.

It's not too hard to find affordable region-free DVD players or people who will modify your players for region-free. Here are two that have been reliable for me:



Both have code-free players for well under $200. The Pioneers are generally a safe bet.


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Those of you who have computers with DVD players can play Region 2 DVDs very easily - you can change the settings in the computer (but only 5 times) to any region you want. That's what I do - I keep my computer DVD player set on Region 2, and my regular DVD player plays Region 1. Of course many DVDs are Region 0 and they will play on any DVD player, but DVDs in Region 0 may still be in NTSC or PAL system. Since computers don't use the TV system, there is no problem playing PAL DVDs on comp. DVD players.

Best, I.

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