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Desire's Adagio

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I was wondering if anyone could clarify a little on the history of Desire and additional dances he has in Act II. My frame of reference is The Royal Ballet version where Solymosi dances a slower version of the Sarabande. I think it was a wonderful addition to that production and I love the choreography but I was reading a post about the POB version of SB and a few people had made reference to a 7 minute dance(I think it was Legris on the video) and the reaction seemed generally unfavorable. Is it now or has it always been an acceptable part of the staging to give the prince an additional dance? And if so, what piece of music is used?


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The Bolshoi Ballet's current version, staged by Yuri Grigorovich, includes a vivid 'entrance dance' for Prince Desire, in the early part of Act II. I read somewhere that the choreography for that particular solo is by Vladimir Vasiliev. I don't recall the exact title of the music but it's the same that is used at the Kirov-Mariinsky for the 'Blind Man's Bluff' segment.

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Isn't that another Nureyev interpolation?

Carbro ,

I assumed that these are Nureyev interpolations. Actually I like the video of the POB Sleeping Beauty a lot, but the Vision Scene seems all pulled apart by the different solos that Florimund has, particularly the last sequence, diagonally across the stage.

And is it supposed to be a joke that after Florimund wakes Aurora up he's hiding in a cluster of female dancers? Aurora has to pull the group apart to find him, almost like a reverse of Siegfied looking for Odette in all the clusters of Swans in Act 4.

I have to saw though that other than some of the extra Florimund stuff in Act 2, I really like this POB version, I wish they would release it in the US.

Occasionally we come across Chinese bootlegs but they are hit and miss quality wise.


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