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Pronunciation of "ballet"


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In telling others about this site I say Bal-LAY' a-LERT' and Bal-LAY' Talk (no emphasis on the "talk").

American Bal-LAY Thee-AY-tur......hmmmm, FF.......wouldn't the first word be pronounced more like "AmUrican"? :dunno:

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So, it looks like all of us are here because we love it, but some of us (and I'm not pointing any fingers here), some of us don't know how to pronounce it. :rolleyes:

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I do have something against the Texan pronunciation of "American" à la Lyndon Johnson. I remember hearing, quite a long time ago, somebody call it "Merkin BalLET Theayter" and could only think that the company really must have gone in for very detailed costuming, in depth! :angry2:

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