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Cinderella Returns

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James Kudelka's "Cinderella" will return to Toronto this weekend for 4 performances. Casting is:

Sonia Rodriguez/Guillaume Cote

Greta Hodgkinson/Carlos Molina

The press release says that Molina is replacing an injured Aleksandar Antonijevic. I hope Aleks recovers in time for the rest of the spring season, especially as he is creating a role in Kudelka's full-length "An Italian Straw Hat".

Is anyone planning on seeing "Cinderella"- either again or for the first time? It has been heavily advertised. I expect that the theatre will be quite full. I'll be there on saturday evening's performance:)

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I'm going Sat. afternoon and taking a friend to her first Ballet - this is a good one to use as an introduction I think. If I can pry myself loose from painting I might also try and get down Sunday afternoon as well to see Greta and Molina. Last year I saw four performances - all casts and Rodrigues/Cote twice. I absolutely love this production and I'm so glad it's back this year - even if only for a short run.

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I saw the Sat evening perfomance, I'm glad I finally got to see Cinderella. It was very very enjoyable, thoroughly absorbing. The whole left side of the orchestra section was practically empty though. I was expecting it to sell out too.

I am curious why Molina was called in as a replacement. Has he danced Kudelka's version before? Wouldn't it have been easier to train one of the other soloists, or something? (Unless they're all busy on the other two spring programs)

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I attended Sunday 1 pm. I enjoy this ballet a great deal - it is so much FUN to watch!! That said, I hadn't realized beforehand that my tickets would be on the FIRST ROW.... :blink: sounds good, but not really. I had to strain to see the entire foot of the dancer, and quite a few people seemed to think that it was ok to literally step on my toes to look into the orchestra pit!!

My daughter and I enjoyed Greta's performance very much (although daughter says she is too skinny). A couple of her old friends from dance school are now in the company, and they performed yesterday (one was a dress maker - had great fun, or so it seemed)...that is always nice to see!!

We were not overly impressed with the fellow from Boston. He seemed to have trouble with the lifts - is that because he and Greta haven't partnered enough together? There was at least one lift that didn't look like it had gone right........Did anyone else see this?

And a troubling site....a very young girl (about 5 or so) happily cavorting about the Hummingbird Centre in.........pointe shoes! Not just any pointe shoes, but ones for a much larger person. And yes, this little girl WAS doing rises on pointe. I didn't know which way to look. She was very happy of course, but ..... :(

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I was at the same performance as tigger. Greta was indeed lovely. mom2, I also felt that she looked very thin. I wasn't sure if it was the way the costume hung on her or what?

I missed Antonijevic, but I did enjoy Molina's performance. He is a good all-around dancer, and I thought he played the role of "Prince Charming" quite well. There wasn't a whole lot of chemistry between him and Greta, but he probably did not have much time to rehearse, since he was called in last-minute.

As the stepsisters, Stephanie Hutchison and Lise-Marie Jourdain were a delight! Even after the curtain fell, they were both completely in character, stealing the show with their outrageous antics during the curtain calls.

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Now Cinderella is a performance that will be loved by all ages. The choreography is clever and very entertaining. The technique is not overshaddowed by the comedy, so you get to see the natural grace of the dancers still.

I particularly loved Sonia. She fits the part so well.

Best wishes and happy dancing!

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