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Kirov and Where they get there $$$

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I was just curious (I put this topic here because I wasnt sure where it should go) - After the fall of the Commuinist government in Russia, where does the Mariinksy/Kirov (or Russian Ballet in general) get thier money now that the old system is gone? I know Im like 15 years to late in asking this question but Im curious now that Russia is a democracy.

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Good question, Solor.

The Bolshoi, Kirov-Mariinsky, etc. still receive a good part (over 50%) of their funding from the Government. However, this is not nearly enough to cover expenses, so these theaters supplement their Govt funding with private donations from (mostly) corporations doing business in Russia & (less so) from individuals.

Private donations tend to support specific projects/new productions, rather than day-to-day operating expenses. For example, the Siemens Corporation of Germany underwrote the Ratmansky 'Cinderella.' Alberto Vilar underwrote much -- maybe all? -- of the Chemyakin 'Nutcracker' series, the 3rd installment premiering next month.

Others with greater knowledge of the K-M's financial management are welcomed to chime in.

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