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Clara 76

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Thanks< Clara 76, for the post.

Can you tell us something about the production/ choreography/ etc.? Is it a new or old production? And what part is your son playing?

Also: this kind of programming (with 4-5 performances scheduled over a 4-day period) seems to be typical of smaller regional companies. I was wondering how many casts (of principals) they will be presenting?

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For the production: Gerard Charles, our AD who trained with The Royal Ballet School, originally staged this Cinderella in 2002 for us. The following is directly from our website:

"Featuring the physical artistry of BalletMet's dancers, lush scenery and costumes, and a soaring score, BalletMet's Cinderella is a delight for all the senses.

Along with an endearing storyline, Cinderella includes the hilarious antics of Cinderella's clueless stepfamily, moments of pure wonder, such as when Cinderella reunites with her Prince; and BalletMet Dance Academy students performing as a special clock that moves.

Debuted in 2002, the enchanting ballet was a collaboration between BalletMet Artistic Director Gerard Charles and Robert Post, the creative minds behind BalletMet's December hit production of The Nutcracker. A master of narrative flow and wedding movement to music, Mr. Charles manages to balance a classical sensibility and an eye for humor. Romance and laughter--the perfect combination!"

I believe there are 2 casts for this production. Carrie West and Jamie Dee are alternating Cinderella with Dimitri Suslov and Daryl Brandwood as the Princes.

The Stepmother is done by one of our male dancers with the 2 stepsisters played by women. My son is a part of the clock as well as one of Cinderella's Footmen.

Personal opinion: Very family-friendly and funny. The comic timing required for the stepsisters is split-second and both of the girls dancing Cinderella are idyllic. The clock choreography is quite brilliant. Costuming is appropriate- quite beautiful for the fairies, but in my opinion, Cinderella's ballgown could be more beautiful. All in all, a very enjoyable production.

I hope that answers your questions!

Clara 76

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