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Stern Grove Appearance Canceled

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According to the SF Chronicle, SF Ballet is not appearing in this year's Stern Grove Festival (free outdoor concert series in San Francisco) this summer.

This week, the festival announced that because of the Ballet's summer touring schedule, it would be unable to appear for its free performance in the 68th annual festival season. Needless to say, the Ballet would be missed in any year, but this will be the festival's first season after its $15 million renovation. The Ballet was originally scheduled to be the season-opening performance on June 19.

Ballet Executive Director Glenn McCoy said the decision was a tough one but the company will be in Paris for much of July performing in the inaugural Fete de La Danse, an outdoor dance festival in the Marais district featuring only the San Francisco Ballet. He added that the Ballet will be back at Stern Grove next year.

While I wish the company the best in Paris, I'm disappointed to hear this, because it means San Franciscans will be deprived of their only chance to get an SFB fix this summer. Of course, there's always next year, and at least Paris will get to see them. Hopefully their Paris appearance won't be cut short due to cold, foggy weather... :P

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Hopefully their Paris appearance won't be cut short due to cold, foggy weather... :P

And what makes it so bad is that this year, instead of perfoming in August (which, those familiar with San Francisco know is a very cold and foggy month) as they usually do, the Company was to appear in June, generally a warm and less foggy (is still is SF so less foggy is as good as it gets) month.

Well I was going to be out of town then anyway (but unfortunately not in Paris)...

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Will the presenter try and find another dance offering for that time (I seem to remember Pacific Northwest Ballet filled in for SFB at Stern Grove one year) -- although it's too bad you won't see 'your' company, it would be a bigger shame to lose that opportunity for dance altogether.

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Well, I hope they find another ballet company to replace SFB this year, but I haven't heard of any such plans yet. I should have said "ballet fix" instead of "SFB fix," in my opening post, as there isn't usually much ballet in the Bay Area over the summer. :) But I'm sure if PNB comes down again, they'd be very well received, as would any other ballet company. And you're right, sandik, it'd be worse to have no ballet at all. At least SFB will be back next year, knock wood. I'm just curious to see if that $15 million renovation would result in any improvements as far as dancing conditions are concerned.

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It's too bad they cancelled. Stern Grove is a fantastic place to perform.....

Welcome to Ballet Talk, KuKa.

I've never been to Stern Grove. Would you describe what makes it a great place to perform :thanks: I travel sometimes to the Bay Area to see performances, and am open to new temptations :) (Sounds of whimpering credit card in background...)

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Stern grove is close to Golden state park, a popular place for free concerts in summer. There are tables for picnic and you can sit on the lawn to enjoy the show. The place is not very big so you could have a good view even at farthest corner. They have a website for the concert schedule:


This fall's Kirov tour at Berkerley should be more attractive!

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Thanks for that link! It was fun to see photos of the newly renovated Grove. You have to walk quite a way DOWN from street level to get to the performance area. I always loved dancing there because of all the beautiful eucalyptus trees and the wild nastursiums spilling everywhere down the hillsides. And, the occasional dog that would run across the stage (once, in the middle of "Serenade"!) Fun...Back when I was dancing there, we could always depend on the toilets in the backstage dressing rooms to overflow. I hope this has been part of their upgrade and renovation! :lol: I think it's too bad that SFB isn't dancing there this summer. It's the one chance for many San Franciscans who can't afford Opera House tickets to see their ballet company...

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And don't forget the scent of those eucalyptus trees. To this day, that scent brings back childhood memories. I always love Sundays at Sigmund Stern Grove and take my child there whenever we visit during the summers. Missed this year, but can't wait to check out the renovations next year.

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