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New Forum!!

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Ballet Talk has a new forum: "Discovering the Art". This forum is designed for people who are new to ballet, or who have questions they think are very basic (and whose answers often turn out to be very complex ...). NO question is too basic or simple here. Ask questions about steps, choreography, comportment at the ballet, costuming, history, tradition ... whatever will enrich your ballet viewing.

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A couple of housekeeping issues:

1. Please post forum questions in the "Discovering the Art" forum itself, not in this (About this Site) forum:


To ask a new question, click the "New Topic" button (above the blue bar with the Forum Name). You'll be prompted to name the topic. (This will appear in the topic list). "Topic Description" is optional.

2. If we see a topic that is an overriding issue of concern, like one that 32tendu brought up on this thread, the Moderating Team may move it for general discussion. We invite everyone to respond to 32tendu's question on "US Government Funding for the Arts" that's been moved to the News, Events, and Issues forum at:


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