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dance video online

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OurMedia is a website that is in the process of launching itself. Video and other forms of digital media can now be stored on their server for free. Video has traditionaly been too large for individuals or companies store and maintain affordably. What OurMedia is attempting is pretty impressive. I believe online videography will change how we do many things in the dance world. From company fundraising to individuals auditioning it should add an interesting dynamic to the future of dance.

If you have dance video that you have been interested in putting online it has been made one step easier. There is lots of dancing out there that I and others can't see but would love to. I hope people will take this opportunity to share with the rest of the world the art they have created.

let me know if you want to place video online and am unsure how, its is fairly simple and I wouldnt mind doing my best to explain how.

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