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Tickets for Boal and Soto farewells

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Just an FYI:

NYCB web site note about farewell performance ticket availability:


Due to overwhelming subscription sales for Series 12, Performance Dates: June 5 (Peter Boal Farewell) and June 19 (Jock Soto Farewell) have extremely limited seating availability.

I don't think this is a surprise to anyone, but I wanted to make sure anyone who had yet to order tickets didn't wait much longer.


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Does anyone else find it distasteful that they are turning these farewell tributes into just another cheap marketing ploy? Why couldn't they have done some sort of special, added Sunday evening performance (maybe even turn it into a benefit). It makes no sense as a revenue-enhancer either, since the Sunday matinee performances are usually well-attended to begin with.

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Nyala, I'm not sure they could have sold enough of the house to justify adding another performance-- it's such a huge house.

As for advertising the farewell, I'm grateful that they have done this at all, let alone so far in advance. So often in the past farewells (albeit often for less tenured principals) were only learned about through sources like this site and word-of-mouth, leaving many people "not connected" to find out too late. I'm glad that the company is departing ever so slightly from its "no star" approach by actually announcing these farewells so all who want can "pay their respects" and see the last performances.


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i have ordered -via web- full price 4th ring tickets for the farewell performances

usually, i stand in line on the first day of box office ticket sales to buy all my tickets for a season, as a member of 4th ring society i intend to do this also

i made the web purchases (i think, not confirmed) as insurance, in case 4th ring tickets for those performances have all been sold

i may end up with extra tickets, as a result will post if they are available

april 27th note: no 4th ring society tickets are being sold for boal and soto

thanks very much, nycb management, for slighting your loyal 4th ring society members

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Guest RuthNYC
I was just on NYCB's website & noticed that an excerpt from Apollo has been added to the program for Boal's farewell. I'm so glad they decided to add that

That's wonderful news!

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