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i would post this to the Videos section, but i don't have permissions.

i was browsing thru Japanese dvd listing today and found FOOTNOTES: THE CLASSICS OF BALLET DVD Volumes 1-4 are to be released 4/27.

I'm ready to preorder them except i need to know if they are (originally) in english. I know they are a canadian production and these dvds only have Japanese subs, so if they are in french, i am (somewhat) out of luck and will have to wait for an r1 release.



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A series of Canadian-produced videos in which dancers discuss various ballets, aided by performance excerpts.  Here is a description (after a quick search) of the Coppelia/Cinderella program:


It appears that most of the series is out of print, at least as far as the North American market goes.  Info, anyone?

i think this is the official site:


i notice that there are 20 1/2hr eps.

these dvds are 80+min long, so i assume 3 eps per dvd. that's 12 eps. i wonder what's with the missing 8?


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Footnotes used to air on BRAVO!, and it is hosted by Frank Augustyn. Each program focuses on one ballet, or a certain topic (e.g. "the male dancer"). There are interviews, performance clips (mostly Kultur videos that already exist), and sometimes live segments performed by Kimberly Glasco. It's a good introduction to some of the great classics- the history and background of the ballet is discussed in fairly simple terms, so it is easy to follow. I think they'd be great for young ballet students. I wish they included more performance footage though.

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