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Migdoll's photos are always spectacular -- clean and crisp.

In order, from left to right:

Erica Lynette Edwards

John Gluckman

Valerie Robin

Maia Wilkins and Willy Shives

Fabrice Calmels (with John Gluckman and a touch of Michael Smith)

John Gluckman, Thomas Nicholas, Michael Smith, Fabrice Calmels

The Company

Willy Shives, with Temur Suluashvili, Mauro Villanueva, John Gluckman, David Gompert(?)

Julianne Kepley, with ???

Megan Quiroz and apprentice Aaron Rogers (NOT Emily Patterson and Masayoshi Onuki, as I posted earlier)

(Oh my gosh, I AM becoming a groupie; I did 85% of these ID's without resorting to my cast list!)

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