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Wuthering Heights

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I had the good fortune to be able to attend Wuthering Heights on Saturday evening. Such beautiful and handsome creatures those pob dancers are! I am not a very experienced ballet fan and I loved the ballet, although I found the story a bit hard to follow. Thank goodness I had the sense to print out the plot summary before I left home....otherwise I would have been REALLY lost. It had been many years since I read the book or had seen the movie.

I loved the sets/ scenery. For a scene that took place in a meadow, there were what seemed like hundreds of weighted plastic wildflowers that dropped simotaneously from the rafters.... with an enormous bang! I thought that was fabulous. As the dancers rolled around on the floor (and each other) the flowers just sprang back to life. Pretty cool idea. Has it been done before?

Did anybody else see the ballet? What did you think?

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I saw it three years ago and I liked it a lot :) most certainly because I appreciate both narrative and dramatic ballets very much.

Yes, the scenery is wonderful, and like you I liked the flowers a lot, especially when Marie-Agnes Gillot is dancing. I don't think it has been done before at least in the POB.

I agree with you, it's pretty hard to understand the ballet if you don't know the story but on another side the ballet often differs from that story so the person who's hoping to see an exact translation of the book on stage will be disapointed to my mind.

As far I'm concerned, this is the POB's best creation in years. We've got a lot of very bad contemporary creations the last few years and this one is so wonderful. It's a shame only seven performances were scheduled this year. The Palais Garnier is full while the Bastille Theater where they're playing Neumier's Sylvia is quite empty. I wonder why they have scheduled so many Sylvia's performances :rolleyes: .

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