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Choreography By Balanchine DVD problem?

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While searching Amazon.com I found the following user review concerning the Choreography By Balanchine / Tzigane, Andante etc DVD.


Great Dancing but the sound is Out of Synch!, July 21, 2004

Reviewer: Ballet Boy "Isis14" (USA) - See all my reviews

Don't waste your money. Unfortunately, this long awaited DVD was transferred badly and the sound in part one is out of synch by several counts. Suzanne Farrell and Merrill Ashley are dancing off the music and it is very annoying. It is unbelievable that something like this could happen when you take into consideration that Balanchine was probably the most musical choreographer that ever lived. Never pedantic, always magical. I did inform the Balanchine Trust. They were surprised and are looking into it. They are aware that the transfer was done incorrectly. The company that produced the DVD, Nonesuch was also called but did not respond. Wait until it?s fixed unless you like dancing 4 counts behind the music.


Can it be true? Has anyone who owns the DVD noticed this? I planned to buy this DVD but now I'm not so sure...

On the other hand, it might be this particular user's player that causes the problem. My wreck of a laptop frequenty freezes DVD image for a moment while the music continues. The same DVDs are played perfectly on other players...

Can anyone who has watched the DVD commend on this, please?

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