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Looking for Bejart book

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I'm looking for a book on Bejart's ballets, preferably in English or French. I'm not interested in a biography, I'd prefer a book that focuses on his works.

Can anybody recommend a title? I have browsed amazon.co.uk and amazon.com but all the titles that came up have no content information.

(Since Bejart is not strictly ballet, I'm not sure I should post this here - so please move my post if appropriate)

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Don't worry, your post is completely appropriate :)

Are you interested only in books in English, or also in other languages ? There are several books about Béjart in French, but I don't know if the language could be a problem for you.

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Oops, I realize I had missed the "preferably in English or French" part in your first post.

There was a big book by Gérard Mannoni, with a lot of photographs by Colette Masson, published by the Editions Plume in the early 1990s, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available any longer. Also there was a special issue of "l'Avant-Scène ballet/danse" in 1985 with articles by many authors. Also Béjart himself has published several books, but they probably focus mostly on his biography.

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Some of his ballets are discussed in the following books

Michel Robert, Conversations avec Maurice Béjart, Paris, Renaissance, 2000.

Be aware that ballets are discussed here and there in the book but it isn't a book about his ballets.

This book has been written by one of his forler dancer, and she sometimes discusses ballet.

Carole Trévoux, Danser chez Béjart, Bruxelles, JM Collet, 1986.

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