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Peter Boal & Co. at the the Joyce

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Tickets are in extremely short supply, with some shows sold out. If you're interested in seeing this and don't have your tickets yet, do not delay. I was told mine was the last full-view seat for Thursday night.

The good news is that it looks like Standing Room will be available for several of these shows. Of course, the box office is careful not to indicate that it will be available.

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After procrastinating foolishly, I went to the Joyce today to get tickets for Peter Boal's troupe next week. Thursday & Friday were sold out and she had very, very few tickets for the other performances. I managed to get 2 for Saturday evening. So if anyone wants to go, you may want to call the Joyce before trekking over just to be on the safe side.

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Just a short note about the programme: Peter Boal danced Wendy Perron's FINDING: an interesting combination of airiness and timidity. And a dapper, no-longer-boyish Sean Suozzi played the gangster in STRANGE HERO. Shen Wei's solo piece for Wendy Whelan, BODY STUDY III, is a gift for Wendy fans like myself; the choregrapher distilled Wendy's angularity and strength and flexibility into what might be a signature piece for the ballerina. Victor Quijada's SOFT WATCHING THE FIRST IMPLOSION, a mixture of break dance & classical and full of humour, was danced with sexy energy by Quijada, Suozzi and the charismatic Andrew Veyette.

The centerpiece of the program, which elicited a shouting ovation, was Edwaard Liang's beautiful pas de deux, DISTANT CRIES, in which Boal & Whelan danced to the music of Albinoni. The partnering is complex, fast and timed to a split second. The piece, beautifully lit, is both edgy and tender. This made me want to see Liang extend the work, making this the central adagio of a longer piece, with corps, and then taken into the NYCB repertoire. For sure we must see more of Liang's choreography - as long as he promises to keep dancing as well.

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