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GISELLE w/ makarova & baryshnikov/ABT

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i have a new browser that doesn't cooperate when i try to highlight and paste a long web address, so i can't now post the ebay page add. here, but if anyone cares to see this tape on ebay, go to ebay.com & type in 'baryshnikov' 'giselle' and i think '92 (the seller seems to misunderstand the date of this cassette: the ballet was telecast in '77 and marketed in '88.

in any case FYI.

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Here's the link:

Giselle video on ebay

whoops! ... I guess both of us were trying to help at the same time!

Marga and Carbro,

This is a link for a completed auction from back in March.

Most likely by searching the way rg describes will get you to the current auction

or try this link


To cheer up anyone looking on bidding on the current one, I noticed that the high bidder in March went to $36. That's not so terribly expensive for an OOP item.

Hopefully whoever bids on it will get it without paying an arm and a leg.


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Too bad this video hasnt been commercially released on dvd because it's by far the best Giselle on video. Baryshnikov is somewhat miscast as Albrecht, and I'm not a fan of Martine van Hamel, but sublime is the word for Makarova's Giselle. Every time I watch this I think I'm touched by god, even though I'm not a religious person at all. Makarova really makes her Giselle a Christian figure of mercy, forgiveness, and redemption.

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