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If the ballet fairy came...

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As I get older and realize what handrails on staircases are for, my mind drifts back to the good old days. It seems like everything hurts anymore and after five hours of teaching my ankles feel like they are going to explode.

So here's my premise:

If the ballet fairy came to you with her wand and dust, and zapped you back into perfect form and technique :( (or gave it to you if you never danced) for one night, which ballet / pas de deux/ or solo would you like to relive.

For me, it would be the Act II pas from Swan Lake (or just Swan Lake for that matter). Of course I'd want the fairy to zap some extra strength into that left foot/ankle just for good measure. It is not necessarily my favorite ballet to watch (don't get me wrong, I love to watch it, but it's not my top pick), but it was one of my favorites to dance. The music takes me away and it is a ballet that I can get totally lost in.

What about you?

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Apollo's solo before the pas de deux. It's one of the few pieces that really makes me wish I could get up there and do that. The male solo in Square Dance is one of the others.

It would take one powerful fairy to accomplish this, though :( And not even having a ballet fairy wish would tempt me into pointe shoes.

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For me, being alone on stage would be the most frightening thing ever! I think that's why I love Balanchine's Concerto Barocco -- I imagine it must be great fun to dance one of the leads, having a buddy on stage to play off of.

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I hope there's no limit on how many wishes we could make...

1. Lise in La Fille Mal Gardee

2. The female lead in Square Dance

3. Kitri

4. Ballerina in Etudes

5. Tchaikovsky PDD

6. Liberty Bell

7. Any role in Serenade

8. Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude (any role)

9. Gala Performance (Russian or French)

10. Siren in Prodigal Son (the ballet fairy would have to add 8 or 9 inches to my height for this to work, however)

Great topic, ToThePointe!


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I actually got to perform two roles on your list, Balletnut..."Lise" and "Jump Girl" in Serenade. And, they were two of my most favorite roles I ever performed. The one role I never was cast in that I regret most was "Juliet" in our production of R and J at the time. That's the role I wish the ballet fairy had helped me out with! I came close once, but it just wasn't meant to be...

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I was debating among a number of roles: Odette, a Phlegmatic girl in 4T's, 2nd Movement ballerina in Bizet . . .

Then, last night on Classic Arts, I saw a clip of PNB in Balanchine's Midsummer Night's Dream. :tiphat: I want to do three roles in that ballet: Titania, the second act pdd, and Hippolyta. Yes, definitely Midsummer! :angry2: So I beseech the Ballet Fairy to come do her (or his) stuff so I can do mine!

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If the ballet fairy visited me...

first I would want to take an advanced class and look as wonderful in reality as I do in my head.

second would be In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated, any role

third would be my own choreography that I always want to do but never can

lastly would be Giselle

ok, I'll add Waltz Girl

... and Feld's Intermezzo

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