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Noisy point shoes


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Yes! You are correct, Nanarina! Freed bespoke pointe shoes, and any other company that does custom pointe shoes, are indeed created to each dancer's specifications. It depends upon the shoe mistress, but if she or he is also a fitting specialist, then the dancer needn't go to Freed or Gamba or Capezio, but simply sets up an appointment with their shoe person who will help them find what they need.

If the shoe mistress/master isn't a fitting specialist, then a dancer would need to go to the source to have their shoes made.

From there the shoes are all hand made by the maker chosen by the dancer, and delivered to the shoe mistress who does exactly as you described. Each pair are checked against the dancer's spec chart to ensure that no glaring mistakes were made in the creation process, then the shoes are taken care of and placed into each individual dancer's cubicle/drawer/shelf.

Once they are in the dancer's hands, it is up to the dancer to take the proper steps to both preserve and prepare them for stage. :foot:

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A bit off-topic, remember my suggestion about a ballet dancer in a Nike shoe commercial? Well, such a commercial does exist, and you can see it on YouTube here:

The featured ballet dancer in this Nike commercial--which ran on Russian TV last fall--is Maria Vinogradova.

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