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Gorgeous Pictures

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I'm sorry the link doesn't work...

It works for me from this page.

Perhaps your anti-virus or firewall program doesn't like it??

I use Norton and I am not having any warnings or anything.

The site is quite lovely, even though I don't understand a word of it!!

If you click on the bottom where it says 'Home' (It's the only English word!!), it will take you to the main page & on the bottom right, you can click on some more photo links. I found Pas De Deux photos of everyone from Lacarra/Pierre to Makarova/Nureyev.

I hope you can get to it carbro..

Here's the actual address: http://xoomer.virgilio.it/lillial2004/Sognodiballerina.htm

Clara 76

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I couldn't access this site from the office, but I can at home. I used Mozilla Firefox both times. But I've found that there are a number of sites I can access at the office using MS Explorer that are unavailable to me with Firefox -- I don't know why. So it might be worth trying another browser if you're really interested.

It's a lovely site, Clara. Thanks for the link.

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The pictures are lovely, but some of the dancers are misidentified.

Please tell us more :beg:

Well, I'm pretty sure that one of the Guillem pictures is actually Yuan Yuan Tan in La Esmeralda. And I've seen the Giselle penchee shot, identified as Vishneva, on Anastasia Volochkova's website. (She has blond hair, as does the ballerina in the picture, and Vishneva is definitely a brunette.) :angry2:

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In addition: the picture of Irma Nioradze identified as La Bayadere is actually Le Corsaire; Ethan Steifel and Sarah Wilder are dancing Coppelia, not Cinderella; the Giselle picture of Carla Fracchi is not with Maris Liepa but his son Andris and the picture of Merle Park and Rudolf Nureyev should be captioned The Nutcracker not Sleeping Beauty.

In spite of these errors I loved the site, as there were a number of photos I'd never seen before.

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These are certainly nice photos, but I do wonder where the site owner gets them from. So far as I can see there are no photographer credits - or have I missed that? If he/she has paid standard copyright fees it must have cost a small fortune!

The one of Paloma Herrera in grand plié (and showing off her beautiful arches :beg:) is from a 1995 ABT souvenir book of photos done by Nancy Ellison.........and I don't see her name anywhere on the site. :)

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