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Hilarion & the wilis


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Born near the ancient shores of New Jersey's Great Swamp, I just may be the Jersey swamp devil... come to think of it, I think my high school's teams were named it... But I'm sitting here trying to picture what the traditional ballet pantomime for "May the fishes eat your eyes" would look like.... Personally, I'd like to consign "I did it My Waaaaaayyyyyy" to someplace the egrets can't peck at.

But back to old Hilarion... I was searching for info on different productions versions of that diagonal line... having recently been quite taken with St Petersbufg Academic Ballet (oh.. drat... I just give up on the company name thing...) Petukov's St. Petersburg company.... version of it... so dreamlike, slow-motion, special-effect-ish, dizzy distortion aura for Hilarion... Where is this from? Rehearsal coaches were listed in the program: E. Sherstneva, I. Kirsanova, D. Vovk, V. Sergeeva, P. Stalinskiy, L. Leontyeva. Do those names ring a bell for anyone? Is it quite common to do it this way?

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