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Does anybody know if it is possible to get a video of Margot Fonteyn in Ondine? Even though I saw an excerpt from her biography on one of the PBS stations, I have yet to find any info on this. Please help as she is my daughter's idol and I would love to surprise her with this.

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Alexandra mentioned in a thread yesterday about the video, 'An Evening with the Royal Ballet' which she said contained 'The last scene on the short version' of the ballet. Is this video available, Alexandra? I've seen that same scene, Ronnie, and Fonteyn is so captivating I'd like to get of copy myself.

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Ronnie, Melissa, there is a video of some late 1950s performances -- "Swan Lake" (Act II), "The Firebird" and a condensed "Ondine". I believe it was called An Evening with the Royal Ballet. There are two of them; the second is from the 1960s and is "Les Sylphides," "Corsaire" (Pas de deux), "La Valse" and "Sleeping Beauty Act III". I don't know whether they are still available -- try doing a search on Amazon.

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the encapsulated 'ondine' w/ fonteyn is on a tape originally called 'the royal ballet' which is different from the tape called 'an evening w/ the royal ballet'

'the royal ballet' is a czinner film offering encapsulations of:

swan lake, act 2, which fonteyn dances w/ somes

ondine, w/ somes, grant, and farron

firebird, w/ somes. full credits as follows:

The Royal Ballet 1960.

Description: ca. 135 min. : sd.

A J. Arthur Rank presentation. Produced by Paul Czinner Productions for Poetic Films Ltd. in association with the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Producer and director: Paul Czinner.

Performed by the Royal Ballet, London, starring Margot Fonteyn and Michael Somes.

CONTENTS: Swan lake: Act II excerpts (Valse, pas de deux, pas de quatre, rondo, and coda). Choreography: Frederick Ashton and Nikolai Sergeev after Ivanov and Petipa. Sets and costumes: Leslie Hurry. Cast: Margot Fonteyn (Odette), Michael Somes (Prince Siegfried), Bryan Ashbridge (Benno), Leslie Edwards (Von Rothbart); Ann Howard, Mavis Osborn, Clover Roope, and Antoinette Sibley (Cygnets), and corps de ballet. Firebird. Choreography: Serge Grigoriev and Lubov Tchernicheva after Mikhail Fokin. Music: Igor Stravinski. Sets and costumes: Natalia Goncharova. Cast: Margot Fonteyn (Firebird), Michael Somes (Prince Ivan), Rosemary Lindsay (The beautiful Tsarevna), Franklin White (Immortal Kostchei), and corps de Ballet -- Ondine: Acts I II and III. Choreography: Frederick Ashton. Music: Hans Werner Henze. Sets and costumes: Lila de Nobili. Cast: Margot Fonteyn (Ondine), Michael Somes (Palemon), Julia Farron (Berta), Alexander Grant (Tirrenio), Leslie Edwards (Hermit), and corps de ballet --

full credits for 'evening w/ the royal ballet':

An evening with the Royal Ballet/ British Home Entertainment Ltd. in association with The Royal Opera House Covent Garden ; produced by Anthony Havelock-Allan.

Imprint :W. Long Branch, N.J. : Kultur, c1963.

(87 min.) : sd., col.

Danced by the Royal Ballet.

Music performed by the Orchestra of The Royal Opera House Covent Garden, conducted by John Lanchbery.

Le corsair [pas de deux] / film directed by Anthony Havelock-Allan ; choreography, Rudolf Nureyev ; music, Riccardo Drigo ; danced by Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev.

La valse / choreography, Frederick Ashton ; music, Maurice Ravel ; danced by the Royal Ballet.

Aurora's wedding (Act III of The sleeping beauty) / film directed by Anthony Asquith ; choreography, Nikolai Sergeev after Marius Petipa ; music, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky ; sets and costumes, Oliver Messel ; cast: Fonteyn (Princess Aurora) and David Blair (Florimund); Graham Usher, Merle Park, Georgina Parkinson (Prince Florestan & his sisters); Antoinette Sibley, Brian Shaw (Bluebirds); Douglas Steuart (Puss-in-Boots) & Virginia Wakelyn (White cat); Ann Howard (Red Riding Hood) & Ronald Plaisted (Wolf); Alexander Grant, Keith Milland, Lawrence Ruffell (Three Ivans); Leslie Edwards (Cattalabutte); Ray Powell (Carabosse); Deanne Bergsma (Lilac fairy); Derek Rencher & Gerd Larsen (King Florestan & his queen).

Les sylphides / film directed by Anthony Asquith ; choreography, Serge Grigoriev and Lubov Tchernicheva after Mikhail Fokin ; music, Chopin, arr. by Ray Douglas ; danced by Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev, with Merle Park (valse), Annette Page (mazurka), and members of the Royal Ballet.

Filmed at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 1963, under the supervision of Frederick Ashton, assisted by John Hart.

i'm not sure if either is still on the current market.

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:) Just wanted to let you know that I just received the video "The Royal Ballet 1959/60" featuring Margot Fonteyn in Swan Lake Act II, The Firebird, which-surprise!-has my daughter's ballet director and teacher in it, and Ondine.

I went to Amazon.com's auction site and did a pre-bid for it since they did not have it at the time. and was very surprised that I got it this quickly. It only cost me $25.00 including the shipping and handling fee!

So now even though it's only 8 am I'm going to go enjoy it while my daughter is still asleep (spring break).

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