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Did some reasearch on Amazon recently and since it took so much time, I wanted to post the results. I was looking for hidden treasure so I entered "ballet" and got 365 video tapes. I was looking for the performances that were rated a solid 5 star. Then I read the comments.

The video that seemed to stand out with regard to enthusiastic endorsement was "Marcia Haydee, Lady Camellias". I don't have the tape yet, but I will post a review after I see what the excitement is all about.

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I got the tape and viewed it once.... its a bit too serious for me. I was waiting for the story to lighten up a bit but there was little relief that came along. Perhaps it is just that I am new to this kind of production. I have to give it some time... after all this is Chopin.

Guess I am just a Coppelia kind of person. I'm not a kid, but I like the light happy productions.

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After viewing the Lady Of the Comellias a few times and giving it some time, I want to upgrade my comment on it. It is quite a skillful production... in fact, its pretty amazing. The dancers are all brilliant and the synchrony in the larger dance scenes appear perfect to my untrained eye. The choreography is brilliant as is the cinematography... and the music, an outstanding presentaion of Chopin.

This is a very enjoyable production to watch... a bit serious in tone as I mentioned above, but lighter moments are a great joy to watch. This is a wonderful tape. Over two hours of the best kind of dance. Very extraordinary.

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