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Last year for Christmas my husband ordered 3 Australia Ballet's DVDs from David Leonard's store, formerly in London, the name of which escapes me. These DVDs were supposed to be formatted to play on USA DVD-players. No go. Tried them on a friend's DVD with the same results so had to return them. Has anyone in the USA had any luck with these DVDs, and if so where did you get them?


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i do believe there are ways to have the dvd player in one region, such as ours in region 1, 'fixed' to play those of other regions, but if it's not so 'adjusted' the chances are nil. as well, i THINK one needs a monitor capable of 'reading/showing' PAL.

i have no answer to whether or not these australian dvds are available coded for region 1, but they may the same AB videos also available on videotape, NOT the same as dvd, i fully understand, but at least viewable on US system tv's etc.

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