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Possible (likely) casting for La Source?

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Could NYCB regulars enlighten me on the most-likely-casting for 'La Source'? Who have ben the prioncipals of that ballet in recent seasons? I am pondering whether or not to purchase tix to 1 or 2 'Sources' in late January. That's one Balanchine that's missing from my 'have seen' list...and I love the score.

Related question - Just how much of the original Delibes score is included int he Balanchine one-act vrsion?

Thanks for any tips!

- Natalia

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Ringer also did it last season with Millepied (in previous seasons with Peter Boal).

According to the nycb website: "Balanchine's high regard for Delibes led him to choreograph a pas de deux from Sylvia in 1950, which he then expanded into a divertissement in 1965. The present La Source uses music from two of Delibes' ballets, Naila and Sylvia, and includes parts of the earlier pas de deux and divertissement."

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I've always had a little trouble with LaSource. Yes, the choreography is quite beautiful, but it feels incomplete to me. I think I need a more conclusive conclusion.

Ringer is simply gorgeous here. Of the current roster, she is clearly the rightful inheritor of Verdy's roles. I haven't seen Weese in this.

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There is not as much of Delibes' score used by Balanchine as there was used by Lifar to make "Suite en Blanc", but there's a good lot of it.

Err, Mel, I think you might be confusing it with Leo Staats' "Soir de Fête", which is indeed on Delibes' music (while "Suite en blanc" is on Lalo's "Namouna").

By the way, I've always regretted that "La Source" isn't in the POB's repertory...

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Wasn't there a ballet where either Delibes or Lalo composed alternate acts, and the other ones were by Minkus?

Well, I didn't know about it, but I just found the following information on the ENB web site:


"A cantata celebrating the return of Napoleon III from Algeria gained the Emperor's approval and this led to Delibes being commissioned to write the ballet music of La Source in collaboration with Ludwig Minkus, each composing two acts. Delibes' share proved to be superior and an extra waltz, the pas de fleurs, he wrote for the 1867 revival of Le Corsaire proved so popular that he was given the sole commission for Coppélia."

So "La Source"'s score was indeed written by both composers...

Also it seems that "Naila" and "La Source" are the same ballet.

Now I'm wondering which score was used in "Soir de fête"...

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Wasn't there a ballet where either Delibes or Lalo composed alternate acts, and the other ones were by Minkus?

Mel, that is La Source. The complete Act I and Sc 2 of Act III are by Minkus; the complete Act II and sc 1 of Act III are by Delibes....according to the notes on the Richard Bonynge-led recording of the complete ballet.

Thanks for all of the 'tips' on casting & the rest. I truly hope that I will be lucky enough to see Ringer & Millepied..but any of the named dancers would be wonderful (Weese, Bouder, etc.). I'll keep an eye open for the casting & take a chance on seats being available for the 'right' performance as soon as casting is announced! The NY State Theater is quite large & unlikely to sell out before then (I hope).

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Great, thanks Estelle and Natalia! I thought there was something like that out there! Now I have to get the Bonynge recording. I've never heard anything by Minkus attributed to "Naila" or "La Source". In "Soir de Fete", I'm relatively sure that they didn't use all the music that Delibes wrote for it, but there IS that wonderful valse lente....

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