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FYI re Sasha Cohen

Funny Face

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Thought I'd better qualify that statement, since it was a rumor for awhile. You can go to usfigureskating.org to read the actual press release. Cohen will be training with John Nicks, who also coached Randy Gardner and Tai Babilonia, as well as Jenni Meno and Todd Sand, for the upcoming Nationals in Portland (in January).

Also of news, Amber Corvin became an official college grad as of 12/16 at California State.

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Thanks, Funny Face. There could be many reasons for this, but I fear that changing coaches this close to nationals is not a good sign. Cohen’s gone from Nicks to Tarasova to Wagner and back to Nicks. A little more of this and we’ll be heading into Nicole Bobek territory, although Cohen is a lot more focused than Bobek ever was.

Here’s a link to the press release:


I’ve been hearing things about Sarah Hughes coming back for a possible defense of her Olympic title. If that’s true, I wonder if it’s a factor here. Cohen has never been a favorite of mine, but it is unfortunate that a major talent seems to be heading in the wrong direction. I hope she proves me wrong. She still has her talent, and she still gets mucho love from the judges – so we will see. The next 18 months are going to be interesting.

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Yes, there is word about Sarah Hughes returning to compete in the Olympics, but that may be coincidental in Cohen's decision. My impression of Cohen is that she has always been very close to her family, and this may be a simple matter of homesickness. Sometimes we forget how young these ladies really are.

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You may be right.  Although I seem to recall that she dropped Tarasova at about the same point in the season, just before nationals.

If Cohen had signed a one-year contract with Wagner, then the timing for the split with Wagner would be directly related to the timing of the split with Tarasova.

I don't think she's getting into Bobek territory, though; Cohen's return to Nicks makes him her fourth, and Bobek had a tally in the teens (several coaches more than once, like Fassi). Both the journal entry on Cohen's website and the on the USFS site (announcement) mention that the arrangement with Nicks is through US Nationals. It isn't clear what will happen after then.

The reason she gave was that she wanted to return to California. There's a cutesy little poll on her website -- clearly the target audience is young teenagers -- in which the voting options for the question "What do you think of Sasha's returning home?" are a. "Great move. Go Girl!" b. "No more snow and ice!" and c. "She missed California and her friends" As of this moment 463 responses have been tallied. Oy.

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Blink and you miss it.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the free neighborhood weekly, the Manhattan Spirit, ran a Page One article welcoming her to the Lincoln Center neighborhood. Sasha was quoted as loving New York City life, but who would expect her to say anything else in a puff piece interview?

Apparently, the paper is not available on line. Google turned up dead ends.

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