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We are planning to perform Don Quixote for our Spring performance. I need to purchase the complete ballet on CD. Please advise where (web site) I can find this! I have had no luck searching with google.com. Any other advice on videos, set design, etc. appreciated. Sincerely, A Nervous Production Manager

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there is at least one CD of the score, more or less complete; the set i have is labeled as follows:

Leon Minkus


Capriccio 10 540/41

Boris Spassov conducts the Sofia Natinal Opera Orchestra, the date of the recording seems to be 1995.

there are a few versions on video.

Nureyev's, for the Australian Ballet 1972 was recently re-issued, digitalized, KULTUR.

Baryshnikov's for ABT (1984) was televised and recently released on PAL dvd.

The Kirov's 1988 staging was also released a while back.

Also the Perm Ballet's production, a fairly standard one from 1992 is also on tape, put out by KULTUR.

there are also any number of excerpts on tape.

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The Spassov recording seems to hold to the Bolshoi tempi, but there are a few things that aren't "right" about it, for one thing the pauses for the one-hand lifts in Act I, and the finale, which, if it's by Minkus, I'll eat my hat, in fact ALL my hats! Apparently Minkus never wrote a closing number, and the original production simply ended with a reprise of the overture, with the old Don and Sancho riding off to "their" music, then a general dance to the 3/4 at the end of the overture.

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