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The full-length Napoli, with Arne Villumsen as Gennaro, was sold as a video in the late 80s, but is now out of print. (Some benificent company should re-issue it on DVD.) Beyond that, there is an episode of Frank Augustyn's Footnotes series devoted to La Sylphide and Swan Lake, which presumably contains excerpts from the ballet (I haven't seen it). Those are the only ones I'm familiar with but others may know of more.

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Swanilda, if you'd like to see filmed bits of all the Bournonville ballets in the current repertoire of the RDB, go to the website of the 2005 Bournonville Festival -


If you click 'ballets' (among options on the main menu), you'll see fascinating video excerpts from Far From Denmark, for example.

Other than the videos listed earlier, you might still find Dance Horizons' classroom-style VHS titled "Bournonville Ballet Technique: Fifty Enchainements," danced by Rose Gad and Johan Kobborg. Some of the enchainements performed are, in fact, from full-length ballets, e.g., a famous sequence from the schoolroom scene of Konservatoriet.

The 'Flower Festival pas de deux' appears in a couple of gala-type videos from the mid-1980s that may still be found commercially, e.g., VAI production's "Pas de Deux" (Flower Fest danced by Hindberg/Villumsen there) or ViewVideo's "Kirov Ballet - Classic Ballet Night" (N. Bolshakova & V. Gouliaev dance it there).

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