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Nilas Martins & Company

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It must have been a terrible publicity campaign. How else can it have happened that I missed this? Yes, I had heard there was to be some sort of Nilas Martins & friends kind of performance at Hartford's Bushnell... I assumed it was going to be one of those "Stars Of" performances... you know the type... various pas de deux and maybe "Who Cares" concert version ... no real 'stars' other than the name floating the company... I was just at Bushnell to see Virksy Ukrainian National Dance Company and I before I could find the program pages pertaining to that, I come across the Nilas Martins pages..


They did Concerto Barocco with Wendy Whelan, Janie Taylor and Charles Askegard?

Pas de deux from Mozartiana with Maria Kowroski & Nikolaj Hubbe?

Allegro Brilliante with Ashley Bouder & Nilas Martins

Apollo with Yvonne Boree, Rachel Rutherford & Miranda Weese (and Nilas Martins)

I did see a day or two before the show that I could have gotten a second ticket free as a student of the community division at Hartt... but it was too late to choreograph child care, transport, etc. Though if I'd known who was going to be on stage and what the program was to be, I'D HAVE DONE IT SOMEHOW!

There were several other dance lovers I knew in the audience tonight, and except for one or two, they were all as shocked as I at what they had missed. From the one I spoke to who went, it was a simply amazing performance ... and the house was not very well sold at all. I can believe it, except for Baryshnikov's solo tour (which was also not very well publicized to the general dance community... I didn't find out about it until it was sold out... and having bought dance tickets at the Bushnell the year before, I should have been on the mailing list... though they must have hit the potential donor list well enough), there haven't been dancers of this quality on stage in Hartford the since 8 years I've lived in this area. And I missed it.

Well, be warned... perhaps like the Baryshnikov tour, this troupe's tour is starting out in Hartford... If they come to your city, look carefully; you might not want to miss it.

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Thanks Dale. I missed your post, (obviously), somehow. Usually I catch the new posts, but I must have missed a few days and therefore missed yours. Interesting to hear from Oberon's friend that the audience was large and enthusiastic, when I had heard it wasn't well sold... perhaps the orchestra sold well.

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