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Any hope?

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There are some absolutely fabulous performances on video which for some reason havent been released on dvd. Anyone know if there's hope for the following performances?

1. Sleeping Beauty - Asylmuratova, Zaklinsky, Ayupova. By far the best-danced Sleeping Beauty on video, even though the lighting is way too dark. This would truly be one of those dvd's I'd buy 5 copies of.

2. Backstage at the Kirov

3. Suzanne Farrell's Davidsbundlertanze. Also, the Apollo with Martins and Farrell.

4. Portrait of Giselle

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i can speak w/ no authority whatsoever, but i do have hunches and they are hardly up-beat.

of the videos you mention, i SUPPOSE there might be a chance for BACKSTAGE AT THE KIROV, mostly because it was something of a real film, however, unless the 'opinion' of dance DVDs changes greatly regarding potential markets i cannot imagine distrubutors & producers going the mile for the SLEEPING BEAUTY you mention or for the PORTRAIT OF GISELLE (both of which are now not even in print as videos. to the best of my knowledge).

i suppose given the interest in BALANCHINE the DAVIDSBUNDLERTANZE might have a chance some day, tho' this too is a longshot.

as for the APOLLO you mention, i suppose you're referring to the PBS telecast that hasn't even yet been marketed commercially as a videocassette. so i'd say that's a double long-shot.

but i'd love to be proven wrong.

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The thing that gives me hope for Sleeping Beauty (and my god I wish this hope comes true) is that the distributor is Kultir Videos, which has released some excellent performances recenytky and is still releasing stuff.

If not, I;m getting a converter and transferring my videos to dvd somehow.

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If not, I;m getting a converter and transferring my videos to dvd somehow.

I have always been curious of how this transference works----aside  from the better clarity of DVD, the feature I like most is being able to jump from one ballet, or scene to another quickly---is this feature still intact if you transfer from a tape to a DVD--?  I am inclined to believe it is not.

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I would love to see those Davidsbündlertänze and dozens of other pieces with the original dancers.

It's just the weirdest thing that there's this huge archive of original Balanchine tapings that, the way it looks, will never be made accessible for the audience of the 21st century - apparently because of these union regulations.

It's a big shame.

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