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swan lake


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I just got Swan Lake with the Kirov, makhalina, and Zelensky in the leads and I WAS AMAZED.It was fabulous. Ive seen many of the Kirovs Swan Lakes in person and on film and this one has to be, at least what I consider, the pinnacle of ballet technique captured on film.Makhglaina was divine, and zelnsky was great. the only thinf i didnt like was that for some reason the 3rd solo in the pas de trois was cut, with Lezhnina dancing (i love here). OH well. CHECK THIS FILM OUT!

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Yes, this tape is absolutely magnificent!! The dancing and the music are all wonderful.

One of our favorites :dunno:

We also saw Makhalina dance Swan Lake live 2 years ago.

Another slightly annoying thing was in the last act, in the encounter with Rothbart, the angle of camera is changed all the time, and the whole part seems to lose it's "togetherness," but that doesn't affect too much...

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