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Feb. 8 '05 Swan Lake in DC - PBS telecast

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I have just received my 2004/05 Kennedy Center season subscription tix. Included with it is a slip of paper informing me that one of my selected dates for ABTcoincides with the PBS videotaping of Swan Lake, for future broadcasting. My SL falls on Tuesday, Feb. 8. It's the first performance of SL...second week of the ABT run at the KC. So....any bets on who will dance the leads (and, thus, be filmed for posterity)? Maybe Kent/Corella...or Herrera/Gomes...or Irina-and-Max....or (gulp! big wishing!) Wiles/Hallberg????

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Fascinating pairing: Fire meets Ice.

Not necessarily. Murphy gives her Swan(s) a lot more emotionalism than she does her other roles. But I've only ever seen Carreno as her Siegfried. I don't know if Corella will inspire a different reading -- or if the change of partners will matter much.

Something to look forward to, in any event.

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What exciting news! Saw a slew of ABT "Swan Lakes" when the company did it out here in Orange County a few years ago, and I must say that I enjoyed Murphy's Odette/Odile most of all - and this while she was still a soloist in the company. I found it remarkably nuanced, and of course, impeccably danced - and Murphy at this point was going up against a week of Odette/Odiles that included Kent, Herrera, Dvorvenko, Tuttle and Ananiashvili. Ananiashvili was great of course, but it was thrilling to watch a soloist make such an incredible impact at a Saturday matinee - I'm very much looking forward to this!

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Murphy is a good turner, but I can't say I enjoy her beyond that. I saw Wiles/Hallberg debut at the Met. Both of them were very amazing. In my opinion, her turns were more mesmorizing than Murphy's, but I guess I should just be happy there will be more Ballet, especially ABT, on PBS. I will just have to find a PBS that will be airing it and have a friend tape it! :(

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This is your Captain speaking :)

Since people have responded, there's no point in deleting the post saying that the casting has been settled, but this is not official, it has not been confirmed by the company. It is therefore, even if the souce is the dancers themselves or the camera crew, a rumor. PLEASE DO NOT POST RUMORS!!!

This is a general comment, not directed at this one instance, but a start of season reminder. In the past few months, it's seemed that there are some whose primary interest appears to be posting backstage info or rushing to be the first to put up "scoops," whether it's about casting, or who's leaving, or injured or promoted. We all want to know the latest news, but for the reasons we've posted before, and that are incorporated in our No Gossip Policy, posting rumors can do harm.

So please. We're beginning a new season. To newbies, if you're not familiar with our No Gossip Policy, please go to our Rules and Policies forum, read and digest!

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Thank you. If something is not in print, and not posted here as a press release, we consider it gossip. Details are spelled out in our Gossip Policy. If the producer wants to come on and announce the casting, that may be an exception, but otherwise, if it is not published or in a press release, it is gossip.

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We got a response from ABT that it is premature to talk about casting.

When there is an announcemenvt, of course we'll post it. Casting isn't final until it's announced (and even then, as we all know, it could change), and I would not advise buying tickets based on castiing rumors :)

I'm going to close this thread, in the hopes of avoiding further speculation.

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